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Sustainable luxury for lifestyle fabrics- Boldly authentic and bravely Indian 

Textiles made when nature transits from abscission to decomposition.

Decor styles

An individual's environment evokes an inherent taste for style, pattern, colour, and texture. Our curated Soft furnishing collections under Decor styles help you demystify this taste to create functional spaces to suit your lifestyle. 

Idamtana Contemporary motiff


IE-SWATANYA (Bohemian Motif )


IE-ADUNIKA (Modern Motiff )


IE-KARMIKYA ( Industrial  Motiff )


IE-PARAMPARA (Classical Motiff )


IE-KANYANA- Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic

"An alluring tapestry of life is the web spun by the threads of nature and woven by the whispers of culture"

Ind eclectik passionately crafts and curates sustainable lifestyle products and services. Our products are artisan-crafted using natural fibres and fabrics that are curated responsibly in a way that the pleasure is shared by the designer, artisan and YOU as the end-user. We draw inspiration from nature, heritage-rich monuments, artefacts, paintings and other art indigenous to India.

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