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 VARIETIES of window dressing



Thalinith and Dhumith

Thalinith and Dhumith

Window coverings that can be raised with horizontal folds or lowered to achieve your desired level of light-control and privacy.

Wooden batten- The scratchy hard surface of the velcro is attached to this batten, whilst the other side of soft and fuzzy is stitched to the shade. These two surfaces cling together. 

A cord system and rings sewn on the back of the fabric moves the shade up or down.

Cleat-A metal piece with a projecting horn is installed on the wall or frame of the window around which ropes are anchored to hold the shade at the height you desire.

Note- We use only this mechanism to steer clear of plastic usage of other systems.


Curtains and Drapes

Thalinika - Curtains are made of light and airy sheer fabrics that are unlined. This means that while curtains do filter out some light, they won’t filter out all of it—thus, they won’t keep your bedroom dark when you want to sleep late.

Javanika - Drapes are lined depending on how much light and privacy you need, Heavy,Stiff fabrics like Linen,Cotton Hopsack and Dupion silk are the norm for drapes.

Both Thalinika and Javanika hang from the top of the window or door.

Rails - with runners and hooks

Rods - with rings, hooks, grommets 

Thalinika and Javanika


Sliding Shades

These are the contemporary alternate to vertical blinds.

Wider Fabric panels slide back and forth on a  wheel carrier track to stack neatly behind one another.

Panel Track can be mounted to the wall or ceiling. These vertical panels comes in sets of two to 6 panels for a wide set of possible coverage options. The track system lets you adjust the position of each panel to easily control light and privacy. 

Ideal as Room dividers, Oversized windows/doors.

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