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Custom manufacturing made with passion

Luxury in simplicity

This Contemporary themed house brings brightness and airiness that make each room feel refreshing.Pops of colour enliven the largely neutral-toned room.

The 'Minimalists' project

Window blinds


Bed Linen


Banana fibre, Hibiscus fibre


Linen fabric

Metallic fabric,Velvet and Silk

A true calling card

This dancer's den is the epitome of bohemianism. Every nook and corner evince the story of an artist. Over-the-top colour schemes, materials and prints speak the artistic lifestyle  of the dweller's  free-spirited soul louder than words.

A 'Boho' project

Interesting conversations over herbal teas, coffees, smoothies, lunch and dinners endeared this project close to our hearts.

Eclectic minimalism 

The emotional moment executing this project was when the grandmother cried out of happiness looking at the 'applique' lotus on her window blind.

Different decor styles blended to bring about the 'Eclectic feel'.

Son, a contemporist
Parents, the bohemians
Daughter, grandmother, the traditionals
Guest, an industrial.

Yellow love

Yellow is the colour of happiness and optimism. 

In this project, strangely the husband and wife were in concurrence not only with the choice of colour but also the  style and pattern.

The colour of 'Sunshine and Spring

Pops of yellow with a peepal leaf and Gopuram patterns highlighted the artist mother's Mysore painting adding a touch of class to the decor.


Medley of Styles

Harmonizing a gamut of ideas and inspirations to suit the space is a challenge to any designer.

In this project, we have blended soothing feeling of the past to modern decor to bring a balance mix of a cozy and functional home.

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